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Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer system that can be touched and manipulated. It includes devices such as the central processing unit (CPU), memory modules, storage devices (e.g., hard drives or SSDs), input devices (e.g., keyboard and mouse), output devices (e.g., monitor and printer), and other peripheral devices. Hardware components work together to execute software instructions and perform various computing tasks. Advancements in hardware technology, including faster processors and larger storage capacities, continually contribute to the evolution and improvement of computer systems. Hardware is a fundamental aspect of information technology, influencing the overall performance and capabilities of electronic devices.

Length :30 Hours

Course Content

  • Introduction of Hardware
  • Number System
  • System Block diagram
  • Input and output Devices
  • I/o ports and SMPS
  • Explaining about Motherboard components
  • Explaining about Adapter Cards
  • Assembling and Dissembling
  • Explaining about ROM and drivers
  • Explaining about RAM
  • Explaining about Hard disk
  • Explaining about Processors
  • Explaining about Operating System
  • Xp and 2003 os Installation
  • win 7 and win 8 installation
  • win 2008 and Linux installation
  • Dual Booting and Os upgrading
  • Dos commands
  • Recovery console
  • Automatic os Repair
  • Drivers Installation
  • Basic software Installation
  • Multimedia software Installation
  • High modular software Installation
  • VMware Installation
  • System Restore and backup
  • System Maintenance
  • System Trouble shooting
  • Ghost Software installation and configuration