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Networking involves the interconnection of computers and devices to enable communication and resource sharing. It encompasses various technologies such as routers, switches, and protocols like TCP/IP. Networks can be categorized into local area networks (LANs) for limited geographic areas and wide area networks (WANs) for larger geographical spans. Networking facilitates internet connectivity, allowing global communication. Security measures, like firewalls and encryption, are crucial in networking to protect data during transmission and ensure the integrity of information.

Length :30 Hours

Course Content

  • Introduction of Networking
  • Scope of Networking and Communication Modes
  • Explaining about Media
  • o Coaxial cable
  • o Twisted pair
  • o OFC
  • Explaining about Ethernet Cards
  • Explaining about Topologies
  • o Mesh Topology
  • o Bus Topology
  • o Ring Topology
  • o Star Topology
  • o Tree Topology
  • Explaining about Devices
  • o Repeater
  • o Bridge
  • o Hub
  • o Switch
  • Explaining about OSI Layers
  • Explaining about Tcp/p Layers
  • Explaining about IP Address
  • Explaining about Workgroup and Domain
  • Cable Crimping and LAN configuration
  • Messenger Service and Net meeting
  • Sharing and securities
  • Remote Desktops, Remote assistance
  • Creating Local Users, Securities and Disk quotas
  • Server Os installation and Drivers Installation
  • Explaining about DNS and ADS
  • DNS and ADS Installation and Configuration
  • Configuring Client systems and Creating Domain users
  • DHCP Installation and Configuration
  • Map Networking
  • Group policy editing
  • OU Configuration
  • Network Printer Installation